AKC Rough Collie Puppies

Our sole purpose when we plan a litter is to advance the Wyndlair bloodline and improve our great breed - The AKC Collie. Due to our family and professional commitments, we do not have litters frequently. We have always focused on a limited number of truly elite dogs. It is that commitment to quality that drives Wyndlair forward. However, unlike most top breeders, we welcome the opportunity to share our finest show-quality Collie puppies with families who simply want the best - rather than selling them to top show homes. If we aren't keeping a special puppy for our own program, we want them to have the opportunity to be a loved member of your family.

Blue Merle Collie Puppy with Little Girl Holding

About Wyndlair Puppies:

Wyndlair puppies receive the finest care - far beyond what most breeders provide. That care begins long before conception, ensuring our prospective mothers are in the best health and condition. They are provided with optimal care & nutrition throughout their pregnancy and lactation. We personally assist in deliveries & continually monitor the first minutes, hours & days of the newborns’ lives. These new lives represent the evolution of the Wyndlair bloodline, the future of the Collie breed, and the prospective joy their new families will experience. Our puppy-rearing process is labor-intensive but results in healthy, socialized puppies that physically & mentally more advanced and ready for their new homes. Wyndlair puppies are available beginning at 8 weeks of age.

How to Find a Reputable Collie Breeder:

Before you begin looking for your perfect puppy, we ask that you consider proper puppy buyer etiquette. The necessary first step to ensure success is to stop "looking for a puppy," and start "looking for a breeder." Working with a reputable breeder will put you on the path to finding the perfect puppy. A reputable breeder is one that does not breed for profit or with the purpose to ‘sell’ puppies, but to improve the breed with each carefully-planned litter.

Sable Collie Puppies

How Much Does a Collie Puppy Cost?

Wyndlair Collie puppies are priced at $3,500.00. There is an additional $500.00 charge for Blue Merles & Whites. These Wyndlair colors are in particularly high demand – renown for their vivid quality and proven success in the show ring. NOTE: We reserve the right to increase our prices at any time. 

Wyndlair Collie puppies possess the finest breed type in the world - which we sell to discerning Collie-lovers, not AKC show homes. No other Collie breeder makes this quality of puppies available to pet home families. The difference in quality and breed type between Wyndlair Collies and others is remarkable.

Our Collie pet puppy prices are the highest in the country, but still below what they would command as top show prospects. We understand that our prices are beyond some family budgets. If you are interested in a well-bred Collie puppy from a reputable breeder but are unable to afford a Wyndlair Collie, please contact us. We are very willing to refer you to a quality breeder in your area.

Puppy Reservation List:

We work from a reservation list for our puppies, and most have homes waiting for them before they are born. If you have decided you want a Wyndlair Collie puppy, please e-mail us to request a Puppy Application. We will review your completed application, and may schedule a follow-up phone interview or ask for references. Once you are approved, a $300 deposit will be required to reserve your place on our list, noting any requests you have (color, gender, coat type, etc.). We do not add names to our reservation list until we have approved the application and the deposit has been received. The deposit is 100% refundable up to the point that the litter turns 3 weeks of age. After that point, we reserve the right to retain the deposit if we need to advertise the puppy or need to hold on to it longer until we have an approved family.

Tr-Color Collie Puppy laying in grass


Picking A Puppy

We are often asked how we handle picking puppies in a litter. The answer can be complex since every litter is different. Not only does every litter vary in size, color, and gender, but also what we as breeders are looking to retain from the breeding. Additionally, our reservation list will have families with different preferences anxiously awaiting their perfect puppy. We always remind people looking for a Collie puppy that the more open they are on gender and coat colors, the more options we can give them to select from. Most times, however, families have a very specific idea for their next perfect puppy, and typically there is only one or two available that fit the bill.

We only do a breeding if we are looking to add something to our breeding program and bloodline. That is often something with a specific set of traits or breed virtues…and not always the “pick of the litter.” We pick the puppy that we feel could make the most valuable contribution to our program. If we have any partner breeders interested in a puppy, they are next in line. We collaborate with a limited number of Collie breeders – in the United States and internationally - to ensure our breed continues to move forward. Because we do not sell our puppies as show prospects, we are able to make most of them available to committed Collie lovers looking to add a world-class Collie to their family. The criteria they specify in the application helps us match most puppies to the right families. When there are multiple puppies available, we try to give families the most options possible, however, we will give families preference by the order that their deposit was received. We reserve the right to select the specific puppy that fulfills the requirements the buyer specified in their application. No buyer is obligated to take a puppy they decide against - even if it matches the specific criteria they requested in their application. In that instance, buyers have the option to wait for a puppy in another litter or have their deposit refunded.


Blue Merle Collie Puppy

Our Collie puppies receive the following care prior to sale:

Puppy Vaccinations:

Depending on the age of your puppy, it will have at least its first puppy vaccination. We will provide you with a detailed vaccination recommendation to share with your veterinarian. We follow Dr. Dodd's Vaccination Protocol to avoid any health issues caused by over-vaccinating.

Collie Eye Checks:

We have our puppies’ eyes checked after 7 weeks of age by board certified canine ophthalmologists Dr. Sam Vainisi & Dr. Gretchen Schmidt in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are the most respected canine eye doctors in the Midwest and ensure we get accurate results. You will receive an eye check certificate that you can trust. Our breeding stock is Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) Mild and 100% clear of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) by parentage.

Veterinarian Health Check:

Every one of our puppies is examined by an experienced small animal veterinarian before it goes to their new home. Rest assured, you are getting a healthy Collie puppy. We guarantee it.

Puppy Socialization:

This is the key to ensuring that your beautiful puppy will quickly become a happy, well-adjusted family member. Our litters are raised in our home with an abundance of attention and handling. Our children are actively involved with puppy care. The puppies are introduced to various noises, experiences, surfaces, toys, car rides, motorized vehicles, other pets, and more.


Different than most breeders, we begin housebreaking by 4 weeks of age. We get our puppies on a schedule early and that foundational training makes housebreaking a breeze. Collies are very smart and take to our schedule quickly. Collies are also naturally clean and will avoid soiling their living area if at all possible. Often, our puppies are no longer pooping in the house by 5-6 week of age. Our method takes a lot of work, but in the end, we are able to produce puppies that are a joy to take home at 8 weeks of age.

Collie Ear Taping:

Beautiful Collie ears are required for proper Collie expression, and they separate great Collies from the rest. We begin by selecting for correct ear shape, size & set in our breeding stock. We then start taping our puppies’ ears at 7 weeks of age to protect the delicate cartilage. We have developed a superior method of ear taping that is both easy to apply, comfortable for the puppy, and will last for weeks.

Dewclaw Removal:

Removed at three days of age, this simple procedure prevents a number of health and safety issues throughout the life of your Collie. It will also save your own arms & legs from the inevitable cuts and scratches dewclaws cause.


Our puppies receive regular preventative deworming to avoid any parasitic issues. We have a complete protocol beginning at 3 weeks incorporating pyrantel pamoate, fenbendazole & metronidazole. This ensures your puppy comes with a settled stomach and no dormant issues that will surprise you just after your puppy gets home. We use Interceptor and Panacur to protect against heartworm and other internal parasites in our older puppies and adults. Once you take your puppy home, your veterinarian can advise you on a recommended program based on your geographical location.

White Rough Collie Puppy

Lifetime Health Guarantee:

All of our puppies are sold with a full written guarantee that they are in good health. We offer a lifetime guarantee against any genetic disorder that would prevent the dog from being able to be a happy & healthy member of your family. In our breeding program, we are vigilant to select away from bloodlines that are noted for the serious Collie genetic issues like Bloat, Dermatomyotosis (DMS), Canine Cyclic Neutropenia (Gray Collie Syndrome), and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). We DNA test all of our breeding stock for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Multi-Drug Resistant Gene (MDR1), and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) through Paw Prints Genetics, and we are now adding Dermatomyotosis (DMS) from Optigen. We continually strive to improve our bloodstock's MDR1 and CEA ratings. We are committed to producing Collies that are as healthy as they are beautiful.

AKC Limited Registration:

In compliance with the Collie Club of America’s Code of Ethics, all of our pet puppies are sold under the AKC Limited Registration program. This gives them eligibility for all AKC Events, Programs & Competition, with the exception of Conformation. Any offspring are ineligible for AKC registration.

Spay/Neuter Contract:

In accordance with the Collie Club of America's Code of Ethics, all of our pet puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Puppies must be spayed/neutered by 12 months of age.

"Collie Breeder Near Me?" - Pet Transportation Options:

Have you searched Google for "Collie Breeders Near Me?" Collie lovers are no longer limited by the quality of Collies in your local area. We have placed Collies with families in all parts of the USA and around the world. We have kennel locations in Wisconsin & Illinois and are within easy driving distance from Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, and Iowa. However, if we are outside of your comfortable driving distance, we can fly your puppy cargo worldwide out of Chicago-O'Hare International Airport (ORD). Our personal recommendation, however, is that you fly yourself into Chicago and carry-on your puppy (prior to 10 weeks of age) as excess baggage. You will need a soft-sided carrier that we can help you select. This allows you to keep the puppy under your control for the flight home and also avoids any temperature restrictions that can foil shipping plans last minute - a common occurrence in the Midwest. With prior arrangement, we can have your puppy within a 5-minute Uber ride from the airport to facilitate an easy fly-in & out schedule. Our puppy buyers who choose this option always tell how convenient and efficient it was for them. If you want the best the Collie breed has to offer, it can now be yours.

Some of our clients prefer private jet charter. We recommend SC Aviation, a premium local charter company. You can enjoy your special day and your world class Collie puppy can fly home in the lap of luxury.

AKC White Collie Puppy Sitting

Breeding Philosophy

There are three major tools in the master breeder’s toolbelt for managing their bloodline – Linebreeding, Inbreeding & Outcrossing. Each is necessary at different times for the development, establishment, maintenance & improvement of a breed (dog breeds, or otherwise). There are many wives’ tales and misconceptions about breeding philosophies. Neither linebreeding, inbreeding nor outcrossing are good or bad on their own but are different tools to be used for different purposes. It is the judicious selection of which tactic to employ, at what time, and to what dog, that ultimately decides what is best. Inbreeding doesn’t increase the probability of producing health issues any more than outcrossing to a completely different family where the chance of introducing completely different issues can occur. Outcrossing to a given family for certain breed virtues doesn’t mean those virtues can be obtained if there isn’t a certain “nick” or congruency between bloodlines. All of these decisions are expertly made by master breeders who have spent their lifetimes studying the breed and dedicating themselves to its improvement.

Here at Wyndlair, we typically employ linebreeding to maintain our desired breed type, utilizing strict selection criteria for our decisions. We employ select outcrosses when we are looking to bring in certain breed virtues or traits or to reduce our bloodline coefficient ratios. Occasionally, we will do an inbreeding cross when we are looking to set breed type or intensify the blood of one of our finest dogs. Puppies from all of these breeding types are equally capable of being the “perfect” Collie puppy for your family and undergo the same stringent conformation, temperament & health evaluations.


Tri-Color Rough Collie Puppy and child

Collie Coat Colors:

Wyndlair Collies are renowned for their rich, vivid coloring, and we work to maintain that in our bloodline. We select against the rusting, yellowing, or steeling seen in many pedigrees. While the Official Collie Standard gives no preference to one color over another, we understand that you may have an affinity toward a specific one. If you do have a preference, please let us know and we will work to provide you with the Collie you envision. Please keep in mind that the more open you are on color and/or markings, the sooner we may have something available for you.

Wyndlair occasionally has Collies in all four of the AKC-recognized colors:


The traditional “Lassie” coat color. The sable can range from a blonde “buff” color to a rich red, or deep mahogany brown. Sable coloring often darkens with each year. A Sable that inherits the merle gene is referred to as a Sable Merle. The Sable Merle will typically have a lighter sable coat color, and faint modeling, merling or speckling may be visible. The merle markings often fade with age, and a Sable Merle may become indistinguishable from a Sable in time. A Sable Merle can also have blue eyes – a sure indicator of the merle gene. What was a controversial color in years past may be the most beautiful of all Collie colors. All Sables have the distinctive white markings of the Collie on the legs, tail tip, and usually a full white collar. Faults: Muddy, drab, or straw colored


A visually impressive, predominantly black coat with tan markings on the face and legs. A color pattern similar to the Doberman, but they possess the distinct white Collie collar, legs, and tail tip. Faults: Rusty, browned or faded black

Blue Merle:

The same color pattern as the Tri-Color, however, the merle gene acts upon the black coat, changing it to a distinctive blue/grey modeled pattern with varying splotches of black. The finest blue coats are a clear, blue-crystal color. Both the common dark grey and “white ice” harlequin colors are variations from the ideal. Blue merles have the same tan markings on the face as the Tri-Color, as well as the distinct white collar and white legs. Faults: Rusty, steeled, maltese, or harlequin


White occurs in combination with Sable, Tri-Color & Blue Merle, but is recognized as its own color. The White Collie will have a normally marked head, but the majority of the body will be white. Body spots may occur. Whites are relatively rare in the Collie breed, and high-quality Whites are extremely prized. Many Wyndlair Collies are white-factored, increasing the amount of white on the collar, legs, and face. When a Collie inherits the white-factored gene from both parents, it becomes a White, even if neither parent is. Faults: Yellowed white, washed-out or degenerate body spot colors; or body spots exceeding more than 50% coat color.


AKC Rough & Smooth Collies:

The AKC Collie is a single breed but it comes in two coat varieties - The Rough Collie (long hair) and the Smooth Collie (short hair). The Rough Collie is the more famous, "Lassie" type variety. Wyndlair has always focused on the Rough variety, however, we have occasionally incorporated Smooth sires when we haven't been able to find the breed qualities we are looking for in the current Rough stud dogs around the country. If you have your heart set on a Wyndlair Collie, but would be interested in a Smooth, please inquire about our future breeding plans.


Show/Breeding Prospect Puppies:

Unlike most top Collie breeding programs, we do not sell our top prospect puppies to show/breeding homes. Instead, we've chosen to make these select puppies available to Collie-loving families who desire a world-class Collie of their own. If we aren't retaining a puppy for our own program, we prefer to see our puppies live a life of luxury as a spoiled part of someone's family.

Only under special circumstances do we consider exceptions. In the United States, it would only be to approved Collie Club of America members that have significant experience in the breed and have demonstrated a high level of success in the show ring, and ethics and integrity in the breed. We will place top show prospects with approved international breeders looking to improve the Collie breed in their country. Show/Breeding prospects are not sold before 10 weeks of age. Prices start at $5,000.00, and professional handler & breeding terms usually apply. Please contact us for international requirements and prices.

Adult Show Dogs/Breeding Bloodstock:

Due to our commitment to keeping our numbers low, we regularly make top-quality adult bloodstock available to serious Collie breeders looking to integrate our bloodlines into their own. We will also consider working with top professional handlers & their clients looking for a Top 10 Collie special. If you are looking for a top-flight special to campaign in the Conformation ring, or an elite foundation stud dog or brood bitch to build your breeding program from, this may be the single most important purchase you will ever make. Wyndlair Collies have made a major impact for many successful fanciers, breeders and breeding programs around the world. Prices for these individuals range from $5,000.00 - $20,000.00, depending on champion status, show record, progeny and age. Please contact us for international rates and requirements.