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We Believe

An Honest Assessment of the State of the Breed

Matt & Anita Stelter holding Tri-Color Collie puppy

At Wyndlair, We Believe…

We believe the Collie is the most wonderful dog breed ever developed – its beauty, elegance, character & soul combine to make a family dog that reigns supreme above all other breeds. We believe the Collie temperament is the perfect complement for family life – loyal, devoted, intuitive, selfless, and affectionate. It needs to be valued and preserved in every generation.

We believe the true measure of success is the creation of excellence. The accumulation of ribbons does not constitute quality. When we breed Collies that achieve our standard of quality, the wins take care of themselves. We reject the culture of the American dog show world that determines accomplishment by numbers – the number of champions, the number of ROMs, the number of puppies in show homes, Breeder of the Year Awards, etc. Instead, we choose the pursuit of the best, rather than chasing the most.

We believe that selection is a crucial element in our breeding program’s success – selection in the pedigrees we incorporate, the breeding crosses we choose, and the individual dogs we select to move forward with. This requires a keen eye for type, deep breed knowledge, and an complete understanding of the Collie Standard. It also requires the master breeder’s intuitive sixth sense.

We believe an overwhelming majority of the Collies being bred and shown today fall well short of the criteria specified by our Breed Standard. We believe this is due to a general lack of understanding of true Collie type, as well as a lack of world-class breed specimens for aspiring fanciers to learn from. It is impossible to know Collie excellence until it has been personally seen, examined, and studied.

Sable Rough Collie

We believe in supporting committed Collie breeders around the world, providing them with top-quality bloodstock to improve their breeding programs. That requires a willingness to share select show and breeding prospects – even if they won’t complete their American championships. We believe improving the Collie around the world strengthens our breed. With the American gene pool declining in size and quality, the International Collie may soon represent “the well” that American Collie breeders will need to dip into.

We believe in the value of integrity, respect, and high ethical standards in all walks of life – this includes our relationships with other breed lovers, fanciers, and breeders.