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Our Story

Wyndlair Stelter Family with Collie Puppies

The Wyndlair Story

First and foremost, we are a Collie family. We met through Collies (2002 CCA National Specialty, Riverside, California) and our children are now third-generation Collie owners & lovers “on both sides of their pedigree.” Our entire family is involved in our Collie activities, including providing care to our Collies, raising puppies, training, and showing.

As aspiring young Collie fanciers, we mentored under some of the most prominent and knowledgeable breeders/handlers of the last 50 years – in Collies, Shelties & beyond. Beginning as teenagers, we both made personal sacrifices to learn from the greatest minds in the sport. This experience provided the foundation Wyndlair Collies was built upon. We are indebted to our mentors that recognized our commitment and invested their time, knowledge, and experience in us.

Guy & Thelma Mauldin and Matt & Anita Stelter
Matt & Anita Stelter visiting Guy & Thelma Mauldin at Kismet (February 2014)

We have over 60 combined years of involvement in the Collie breed – breeding, conditioning, grooming, handling, and judging some of the finest Collies over the past decades. We bring the same focus and commitment to excellence honed in our professional careers to our Collie endeavors. Wyndlair Collies isn’t just a hobby; it is a relentless quest for excellence.

From a very small breeding program, Wyndlair has produced several historic Collies, including multiple #1 Rough Collies (Hawkins System, Canine Chronicle, Dog News), CCA National Specialty winners, All-Breed Best in Shows, Register of Merits (ROM), Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Grand Champions, a Kem Memorial Sweepstakes winner, and consistent Top 10 ranked Collies – all owner-handled and without the advantage of professional handlers or national advertising campaigns. Further, our small Wisconsin Collie bloodline has made a significant impact on gene pools and show rings in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Serbia, Norway, Indonesia, and beyond.

Blue Merle Collie by pond
#1 BISS-Winning Male in Breed History (40 BISS) – 2011 & 2012 #1 Rough Collie

In addition to our pursuit of excellence in breed type is our commitment to providing the finest quality puppies to discerning Collie-loving families and homes. We extend our same high standards to our puppy care in efforts to produce the most healthy, socialized, and beautiful Collie puppies available.

We support numerous groups dedicated to responsible dog ownership, health & the improvement of our great breed. We maintain membership and support the following dog organizations: