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New Puppy Shopping List

Checklist of Recommended Puppy Products

Wyndlair Collie Puppies - Blue Merle & Sable Puppies

What to Buy for Your New Puppy

We are often asked for our checklist of recommended products to purchase when getting a new puppy. We’ve always maintained a list of new puppy essentials to share with our families, but here we share it online. This is not an exhaustive checklist, but it covers the basics for new puppy owners and experienced fanciers alike.



We strongly encourage everyone to educate themselves on all aspects of bringing a new addition into your family. This will set you up for a positive and successful experience.

Your Pandemic Puppy by Dr. Marty Greer

Your Pandemic Puppy

By Marty Greer, DVM, JD. Don’t let the title confuse you. This is the preeminent new puppy Bible every puppy owner needs to read—whether first-timer or many-timer!



These are the products we feed our dogs to ensure good health and maintain their Best in Show-winning condition.

Fromm Gold Adult Dog Food

Fromm Adult Gold

We are strong ambassadors of the Fromm family of pet foods. Made here in Wisconsin from the finest natural ingredients, we feed this to our entire kennel.

Fromm Puppy Gold

The puppy version of the Fromm Gold line has higher protein and fat levels for growing puppies. Feed up to one year of age.

Nupro Silver

One of the finest nutritional supplements made to ensure great coat, skin, and overall health. We feed this to every dog daily.

Organic Canned Pumpkin

Organic Canned Pumpkin

A natural prebiotic. A spoonful per day will ensure your dog keeps good stools and absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients from its food.

Dr. Mercola Digestive Probiotic

Dr. Mercola Digestive Probiotic Powder

A probiotic blend of 8 valuable strains of gut-friendly probiotics to help promote a healthy nutritional balance of gastrointestinal bacteria for healthy normal immune function, brain health, digestion, and utilization of nutrients

Full Moon Jerky Tenders

The new official dog treat of Wyndlair!

As other companies change ingredients to save costs, we are happy to add Full Moon to our respected brands list. Use these with confidence.

EcoKind Cheese Chews

EcoKind Chews

Made from Himalayan yak cheese, these hard, safe, healthy chews will provide great enjoyment without upsetting stomachs or staining carpets. We use these to avoid boredom on long dog show weekends.



Personal preference plays a large role in selecting grooming products. Here is our list of grooming basics that will keep your Collies’ coat in great condition.

All-Systems Slicker Brushes

#1 All-Systems Slicker Brushes

We use the Medium size on the head & ears and the Large size on skirts & feathering.

Chris Christensen Oval Brush

Chris Christensen Pin Brush

Don’t confuse this with the pin brushes found at your local pet store. This brush is designed to perform for the life of your Collie.

Chris Christensen Slicker Brush

Chris Christensen Large Slicker Brush

For those who prefer a large slicker brush to get through thick coats, this is simply the finest slicker brush ever made. It is an investment, but one you’ll appreciate.

All Systems Shampoo

#1 All-Systems Shampoo

This is a premium shampoo we use on our show dogs. It deep cleans the skin and coat without over-conditioning the Rough Collie’s harsh outer hair.

In Between Waterless Shampoo

In Between Clean Waterless Shampoo

Use this in a spray bottle to freshen up the coat between baths. A great product to mist on and towel off prior to brushing.

Pro-Line Pro-Gro Conditioner

Chris Christensen Pro-Gro

Mix a capful into a spray bottle of warm water for an outstanding coat conditioner spray. Line brush to the skin every time you groom.

Chris Christensen Spray Bottle

Chris Christensen Spray Bottles

Use to spray waterless shampoo and Pro-Gro into the coat precisely & evenly. Cheap horse sprayers can’t compare in quality & performance.

Millers Forge Straight Shear

Millers Forge Straight Shear

This is an affordable, quality shear for trimming feet, hocks & feathering. We use this model for our daily trimming.

JASON Thinning Shears

JASON Thinning Shears

This is feature-heavy shear at a terrific price. Use thinning shears to trim the head & ears without leaving cut marks. Select 7.5″ Blender.

Toenail Clipper

Toenail Clippers

There are so many options in toenail clippers, so we’ll let you select your model preference – ranging from trimmers to grinders. We are still using our 20-year-old model, which is no longer made. 🙂

General Care

General Care

These are the general products required for caring for your dog. We have curated the best products available to take the guesswork off your shoulders.

Folding Crate (36″)

We strongly recommend crate training for housebreaking and safe vehicle travel. Many adult dogs continue to use their crates as their preferred personal lair throughout life. The divider panel can be used when the puppy is small.

Anti-Slip Crate Pad

Anti-Slip Crate Pad

Make your dog comfortable in its metal crate. The anti-slip bottom keeps it in place. Washable.

Stoneware Dog Bowl

Stoneware Dog Bowls

Dogs are proven to drink more water out of stoneware bowls, likely because they keep the water cooler. These bowls are attractive, heavyweight, and non-skid.

Leather Rolled Dog Collar

Leather Rolled Dog Collar

While we can’t keep thick collars on our show dogs, rolled leather models are popular with coated dog owners as their everyday collar.

16 in Choke Chain Collar

Fine Metal Chain Collar

For obedience training and increased control, you will want to use a fine choke chain collar. Your puppy will go home with a 14″ nylon slip collar, but it will quickly graduate to 16″ and ultimately 18″-20″ as an adult.

Rope Dog Leash

Rope Dog Leash (4 ft.)

You can’t beat a rope dog leash for comfort and control. This one comes in a variety of colors and has reflective threads for safety.

Doggy Poop Bag Dispenser

Doggy Poop Bag Dispenser

An absolute necessity for the responsible dog owner. This model has an LED flashlight for nighttime pickup.

Dog Hammock

Dog Hammock

We have become big fans of these and now have several in our backyard. Keep your clean dog from lying on the wet ground.

Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray

Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray

Made with plant-powered ingredients and natural essential oils.

Ear & Tooth

Ear & Tooth

We use the ear products listed in the Wyndlair Ear Training Method for Collie and Sheltie puppies. Read article.

Nichiban Tape

Nichiban Japanese Tape

This is a near-exact replacement for the recently discontinued Yutokuban Japanese tape. This is the new go-to tape for training ears.

Super 77 Adhesive Spray

Guarantee a strong tape-to-skin bond, even if you haven’t removed 100% of the oil from the skin. Spray lightly on the main strips applied to each ear.

NOTE: Zo-Eze adhesive remover is no longer available. Unfortunately, we haven’t found one single product that works as well. Instead, we now use two:

ConvaTec ESENTA Adhesive Remover Spray

ESENTA Adhesive Remover

This is the best product we have found for quickly and painlessly removing old tapes from the ear with minimal pulling. Begin peeling the tape up from the bottom of the ear, spraying lightly where the tape and skin meet, and peeling up simultaneously. It also comes in wipes.

Hollister Adapt Wipes

Hollister Adapt Adhesive Remover

After the old tapes are removed, adhesive residue remains on the ear. Use this product to remove it. Finish with a flea comb to remove any remaining residue. It also comes in a spray.

Swan Wintergreen Rubbing Alcohol

Wintergreen Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is the ultimate ear-cleaning solution – far superior to any dog ear product. It breaks down ear wax and oil that other dog products do not. We strongly prefer the wintergreen formulation to other rubbing alcohol options.

Large Cotton Balls

Large Cotton Balls

Large, 100% cotton balls are necessary to apply rubbing alcohol and absorb ear oil.

Tooth Scrapers

Tooth Scraper

Don’t waste money on dental bones that don’t work or regular “dog” tooth scrapers. Use the same tool as your dentist. Teach your puppy to accept gentle teeth scraping and save thousands in dental & veterinary care later in life.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

Skip the expensive & gimmicky dental solutions. Nothing whitens teeth like hydrogen peroxide. Soak a cotton ball and scrub teeth daily until all yellow staining is removed.

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