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The Wyndlair Mission

The Pursuit of Excellence

Blue Merle Collie - Wyndlair Amen Hallelujah

The Wyndlair Mission

We endeavor to relentlessly pursue excellence – continually developing and improving the Wyndlair bloodline to produce the finest quality Collies in the world – supreme in breed type, conformation, athleticism, health, temperament, and vitality.

We dedicate our focus to a limited number of elite dogs. We will never compromise the care, development, or attention to our special dogs due to limitations incurred by maintaining larger numbers.

As AKC Collie Breeders, we are committed to supporting Collie fanciers worldwide through education and sharing of our breed knowledge and experience. We view the development in educational breed resources as an investment in the Collie. We believe having a more knowledgeable Collie fancier base will result in a breed that is moving forward. We endeavor to share world-class Collies with those who historically been prevented from acquiring them – discerning Collie families and committed international Collie breeders.

We pledge to act with integrity and principles in our interpersonal relationships. Above all, to be honest, ethical, and equitable. We value our partner breeders and clients and empower them to learn more, dream larger and achieve greatness with their Collies.