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Collie Seminar Flyer

“YOU BE THE JUDGE – From the Whelping Box to the Show Ring” Collie Breeder Seminar

Collie Breeders Seminar moderated by Dan Cardoza (Countryview)

Breeder Panelists: Annette Rawlings (Sealore), Connie Dubois (Sylvan), Judie Evans (Clarion), Kathy Drabik (Westwood), Larry Willeford (Windcrest), Matt Stelter (Wyndlair), and Nick Joines (Sunway)

Hosted by Frank & April Trevino (Maverick Collies) on August 25, 2018, in Boerne, Texas

Sponsored by Collie Club of San Antonio


0:00 – Collie Breeder Introductions

9:11 – Stud Dog Selection

16:47 – Puppy Evaluation at Birth

24:20 – Puppy Selection

32:58 – Puppy Virtues: Ranked in Order

40:37 – The Last Great Stud Dog

48:18 – In The Absence of Great Stud Dogs

57:06 – Breed Virtues: Easiest to Lose, Hardest to Get

1:02:24 – If You Lost It All, Where Would You Go?

1:11:58 – Specialty Judge Ability (or Inability)

1:26:37 – Breed Judge Criteria

2:00:31 – Your Most Difficult Moment

2:19:00 – Q&A

3:26:08 – Acknowledgements

Collie Seminar Flyer