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BISS Ch. Wyndlair Midnight Audition

( Ch. Vennessee’s Midnight Edition, ROM × Ch. Wyndlair Secret Showcase )

Multiple CCA & Herding Group Placements

All Collies are special, but only a few can claim those most precious parts of your heart. Audrey, like her mother before her, was one of those most loved by the Stelter family. She gave us many “firsts,” opened many doors, and introduced us to many notable Collie breeders & handlers. She was a 2X CCA Class placement, at the 2005 CCA in Oklahoma City and 2006 CCA in Columbus.

Though we haven’t carried anything down from our original bloodlines in the 1990s, Audrey made a tremendous impact on our mental image of a Collie, particularly her long, light, clean headpiece and her renowned powerful, yet effortless, gait. Numerous “Hall of Fame” Collie breeders proclaimed her the finest-moving Collie they ever witnessed. Gaiting her around the ring was a thrill – often right behind the German Shepherd in the Herding group. We want every Wyndlair Collie to be an athlete, and that desire was inspired in no small way by Audrey.

Health Testing

  • CERF

    CRC Mild (Perfect vision)

  • Breed

    Collie (Rough)

  • Sex


  • Color


  • Date of Birth

    August 24, 1994

  • Breeder

    Matt Stelter

  • AKC#