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Chesapeake Collie Club

Chesapeake Collie Club – January 25, 2009 – Portsmouth, Virginia

Chesapeake Collie Club

January 25, 2009

Portsmouth, Virginia

Judge: Matt Stelter

This critique was originally published in the August 2009 issue of Collie Expressions magazine.

I would like to thank the Chesapeake Collie Club for the invitation to judge their specialty show.  The venue at the Renaissance Hotel was beautiful, located on the banks of the Elizabeth River in the historic downtown district of Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia.  The club is to be commended on their efforts to make their show such a high-class event.  I have to admit, I am a little jealous of the exhibitors who have the opportunity to attend Collie specialties in such a facility.  The ballroom had a large, carpeted ring, while still providing ample space for grooming.  I was pleased with the show’s entry and found some very nice Collies to bestow the awards upon. It was also my honor to do lunch with Rose Soellner of Wayside Collie fame.


Best of Variety (Smooth):

Ch. Travler’s Mustang Sally (Ch. Marnus Lucky Strike x Ch. Travler’s Liberty Sport)

Owners: R. Tehon, C. & B. Ardizzone & K. Reppert Breeders: Becky Tehon, G. Lewis and Candy and Bree Ardizzone.

While this tri bitch did not present herself as well as her brother, she got the nod for the Variety with her lightness and smoothness of head, combined with her soft eyes.


Best of Opposite Sex (Smooth):

Ch. Travler’s Greased Lightning (Ch. Marnus Lucky Strike x Ch. Travler’s Liberty Sport)

Owners: Cathy Keefer and Bree Ardizzone. Breeders: Becky Tehon, G. Lewis and Candy and Bree Ardizzone.

A strong, athletic show dog that moved well around the ring.  He was beat out for the Variety by his sister on account of her head qualities.


Winners Dog (Rough)/Best of Opposite Sex/Best of Breed:

Blu Ridge Lookout (Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight x Ch. Southland’s Confederate Sky)

Breeder/owner: Joan Johnson

Ch. Blu Ridge Lookout Collie

This dog presented the total package.  Not a big dog, but a beautiful outline, depth of body with sweeping curves.  A strong, powerful dog.  He had a lean head with dark eyes that were set where they are supposed to be.  He was in terrific coat and condition and demanded the points on the day.  He beat out some nice specials and a very quality veteran dog for BOS/B0B.


Reserve Winners Dog (Rough):

Creator’s Dominion (Ch. Shenstone’s Commander In Chief x Ch. Creator Aamar Loving Favor)

Breeder/owners: Lyle and Lenora Alexander

This was an elegant dog that caught my eye immediately when he walked into a strong Open Sable class.  Pretty outline, long, light headpiece, no depth, and a pretty dark eye.  He was a litter brother to the eventual Best of Breed.  He needed a little bit more depth of body and coat to finish the picture.


Winners Bitch/Best of Winners (Rough):

(New Ch.) Barksdale Twin City Da Vinci (Ch. Barksdale Lochlaren Liaison x Ch. Twin City In Living Color)

Owner: Nancy McDonald. Breeders: Nancy McDonald and Carl Williford.

Ch. Barksdale Twin City DaVinci

This beautiful blue’s overall picture stopped me in my tracks.  An amazing outline, correct proportions, and legs set right where they should be.  A long, strong neck connected to a well-rounded body and deep chest.  She had a long head that was clean on the sides.  This exquisite blue bitch was not to be denied on the day.  She was in fabulous condition and showed to perfection, making her virtues easy to find.  She finished her championship with the win.


Reserve Winners Bitch (Rough):

Limericks Make Me A Star (Countryview Rased Replica x Limericks Celebrity)

Breeder/owner: Caroline Jones

Limerick Make Me A Star

This little girl will not need any help to make her a star… she is well on her way!  Just a baby, but this promising puppy is LOADED with potential.  Long, light head with nice clean cutback under the jaw.  She had a beautiful expression and pretty ears set well on her skull.  She had a very pleasing outline across the ring.  She was staging just slightly in some of the expected areas for a puppy, and she needed just an ounce more maturity to contend for the show’s top honors.  She will no doubt be heard from down the road.


Best of Variety/Best of Breed:

Ch. Creator’s Loving Reverence (Ch. Shenstone’s Commander In Chief x Ch. Creator Aamar Loving Favor)

Breeder/owners: Lyle and Lenora Alexander

Ch. Creator's Loving Reverence

A truly classic Collie bitch.  She possessed a long, light headpiece with no depth and smooth sides.  A beautiful expression with pretty eyes that were also well-set.  A long, arched neck that flowed into a level topline.  She presented a very elegant picture across the ring.  While she was not yet in full coat and condition, she won on her virtue package.


Best Veteran:

Ch. Barksdale The Mistress (Ch. Barksdale Bellvue’s Medallion x Ch. Barksdale Shenstone Sympatico)

Owner: Nancy McDonald. Breeder: Nancy McDonald and Joyce Dowling

Ch. Barksdale The Mistress

Another bitch with classic breed type that was in top contention for Best of Variety.  She won over a strong veteran entry on account of her exquisite lightness of head and pretty face.  On the whole, the expressions in the veteran classes were the strongest that I had all day.


Best Junior Handler:

Katie Preddy

This junior won on her polish and light-handed presentation of her dog.  She made his virtues easy to find.  It was a very professional handling job.