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The Stelter Family Welcomes You!

Matt Anita Stelter Family with Collie puppies

Rough Collie Puppies

Wisconsin AKC Collie Breeders

Wyndlair Collies breed the finest in-home, family-raised AKC Rough Collie Puppies for discerning Collie lovers. Puppies are available in Blue Merle, White, Tri-Color, Sable & Sable Merle.

Have you dreamed of having a World-Class Collie? Make the Dream a Reality!

White Rough Collie

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Sable Collie Puppies

Rough Collie Breeders

Wyndlair is a 30-year Wisconsin AKC Rough Collie breeder. Our breeding program has been built upon generations of CCA National-winning dogs with an emphasis on supreme breed type, health, and temperament. Wyndlair Collies are bred to be elegant athletes, with exquisite head detail and correct Collie Expression.

Blue Merle Rough Collie

Wyndlair Hall of Fame

These Wyndlair Collies achieved some of the most distinguished honors of their generations placing their names in Collie breed history for their accomplishments in the ring and as producers.

Stelter Family 2019 CCA

About Us

We are a Collie family, first and foremost. We’ve dedicated our lives to the breed, its preservation, and advancement. Our entire family is involved in the care of our Collies and raising puppies.

Taping Collie Puppy Ears

Wyndlair Collies has created the finest instructional resource for how to tape Collie & Sheltie puppy ears. This video and how-to article share the Wyndlair Way for bracing ears. It is guaranteed to be the easiest, most effective method ever developed.

Matt & Anita Stelter holding Tri-Color Collie puppy

Collie Education

Matt & Anita Stelter share their over 60 combined years of experience in the breed helping you become a more knowledgeable Collie fancier! Learn more about Collie ear taping, correct breed type, and more.

White Rough Collie

Wyndlair Pedigrees

Our foundation was based on a blending of the old Countryview & Tartanside Collie bloodlines, using the illustrious Ch. Southland’s Bowen Island, ROM – 2002 Collie Club of America Best of Breed – as our pillar sire. We integrated Brandwyne bloodlines through Classique pedigrees to further improve our head type that is inclined to lightness with full underjaw, tight liplines, and clean cutback. With careful selection and judicious outcrosses, we have established a family breed type that is unsurpassed in the modern breed.

Ch. Southland’s Bowen Island - Sable Collie
Matt Stelter winning 2002 CCA Best of Breed with Ch. Southland’s Bowen Island, ROM under judge Marcia Keller

Wyndlair Presentation

During the early-2000s, we had the opportunity to raise, condition, and handle several beautiful and historic Collies for some of the breed’s finest breeders. It was an honor to be a part of these dogs’ careers as they etched their names in breed history.

Sable Rough Collie

Collie Colors

Both Rough & Smooth Collies come in a variety of different color patterns, including:

  • Tri-Color
  • Blue Merle
  • Sable
  • Sable Merle
  • White

Blue Merle Collie - Wyndlair Amen Hallelujah

Collie FAQs

We answer the common, most frequently asked questions about the American Rough & Smooth Collie