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Chesapeake Collie Club

2022 Chesapeake Collie Club – Courtland, Virginia

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Thank you to the Chesapeake Collie Club for the invitation to judge at their 2022 spring specialty weekend. This club is special to me as many years ago it was my first assignment as a provisional judge. I hold many memories of that experience. It was at a time when specialty entries still large, the quality was deep, and the ring was in a hotel ballroom with carpeted floors and beautiful chandeliers. The scene was regal and elegant, befitting our noble breed.

That first assignment, I was in awe of the moment and the responsibility granted to me. The Chesapeake Collie Club is steeped in breed history and I was grateful for the opportunity. I’m not sure I took a full breath of air until I made it through Rough Winners Dog. The late Rose Soellner (Wayside) asked if she could take me to lunch during the break. We enjoyed a nice conversation overlooking the Portsmouth, Virginia waterfront. We talked about the history of the club and I appreciated the time with someone so deeply involved in the Golden Age of the Collie. 

After lunch, however, I learned about a lighter side to Rose Soellner. Perhaps sensing I needed to relax a little, she orchestrated a surprise – and I’m not sure if it was on my behalf or at my expense! As I was reviewing my judge’s book before beginning Rough bitches, I turned around to see a full class of stuffed Collie animals being paraded into my ring, on-leash, and impeccably handled by perennial jokesters Joe Reno, Cookie Jones, and Judi Pitt, among others. Ringside roared, and needless to say, any tension in the air was gone.

That first specialty was also special as there were a few new promising stars that walked into the ring that day. I remember flying home thinking about them and what their futures might hold. Time would bring several major moments in the careers of those distinguished Collies.

For the 2022 specialties, I was joined by Anita to judge the Saturday shows. We were able to spend time with our dear friend, Carl Williford, and enjoy the Twin City catering & chauffeur services. It made for a wonderful weekend among Collies and Collie friends with the Chesapeake Collie Club.

Best of Breed: 

GCHB Camloch Persuasion

(GCH Camloch Sensation!, RN HSAs HIAd x Colwick Luminance)

This is a rough sable bitch with incredible detail of head, profile, stop, a dry lipline, flat skull, and beautiful medium-sized eyes. There is something mesmerizing to look this special Collie in the face. In it lies the true essence of our breed.

She had a pleasing body style, rounded croup, bend of stifle, and short, defined hocks. She presents the complete overall package and shows every minute in the ring. She is in wonderful coat and condition and masterfully presented. It is entry like this one that bring joy to a breeder-judge.

Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed: 

GCHG Ch. Creekwood Lochlomun I’ll Be Damned

(GCHS. Pleasant acre Creekwood Rock Star x CH. Creekwood Chase The Rainbow)

A proud, masculine smooth dog that commands the ring. He had exquisite eyes and turn of muzzle. It is refreshing to run your hands over the core of this dog’s body. From his strong, arched neck, to his well laidback shoulder, and his moderately deep, rounded chest with good spring of rib, everything about it brings the Standard to life. These virtues are so rare in the breed and need to be recognized and sought after.


Rough Best of Variety: 

GCHB Camloch Persuasion

(GCH Camloch Sensation!, RN HSAs HIAd x Colwick Luminance)

See above

Rough Winners Bitch/Best of Winners:

Milas Play It Again

(Ch. Milas Absolutely Macho x CH. Milas Play My Way)

This was a mature, classic Collie bitch with breed type that transcends families and bloodlines. She had nice length and lightness of head with a soft eye, round over the top of the muzzle, a long, tight lipline, and flat, filled backskull. She stood out in Winners Bitch with her correct size and pleasing round body curves extending from her crested neck to her bent stifles.

Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety: 

GCHB Ch. Belleville’s Middle Of A Memory

(CH. Larkspur Thanks For THe Memories x CH. Barkdale Belleville’s Double Trouble)

A light-headed male that is masculine yet refined. His head is detailed and he has soft eyes and a pleasing expression. He presents an impressive picture of elegance with beautifully colored, marked & textured coat that frames his body.

Rough Select Dog: 

Ch. Milas Foolish Pleasure

(Ch. Milas Absolutely Macho x CH. Milas Play My Way)

The Select Dog was an upstanding dog that was impressive across the ring. He had wonderful bone, substance, and a plentiful coat.

Rough Select Bitch: 

GCH Ch. Belleville’s Mancatcher Annie

(CH. Larkspur Thanks For The Memories x CH. Barkdale Belleville’s Double Trouble)

This entry was a wonderfully feminine bitch with a nicely detailed profile that was evident at a distance. She has a long, level back and exudes a soft, pleasing glow.

Rough Winners Dog: 

Milas Rosewood’s Walk Don’t Run

(Ch. Milas Walk The Line x Milas Cando Perfect Pitch)

This win was awarded on account of this dog’s notable length and lightness of head, a virtue package I’m yearning to see more of. He exhibited an attractive profile with a clean cutback under the throat that highlighted his head length. He also had nice length of back to balance his head qualities and present a pleasing picture. Additionally, he had some bend to his stifle and hock definition.

Rough Reserve Winners Dog: 

Huntington’s Metallic Trace

(CH Special Heez the Man x Ch. Hollyoak’s Ebony Bloom)

The Reserve Dog was a shorter coupled blue dog that presented a notable picture with wonderful coat and framing, skillfully presented by his handler. He had an attractive expression with a sweet eye and round muzzle. His body had good bone and substance.

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch: 

Milas December Bride

(Ch. Milas Walk The Line x Milas Cando Perfect Pitch)

This charming blue merle-headed white puppy bitch was equally deserving of the major win. She had a beautiful expression with really pretty expressive eyes and a round muzzle. Her outline was impressive with long body lines, but just not yet as rounded of curves as the more mature Winners Bitch. It will be fun to see what this exciting puppy develops into with maturity.


Smooth Best of Variety: 

GCHG Ch. Creekwood Lochlomun I’ll Be Damned

(GCHS. Pleasant acre Creekwood Rock Star x CH. Creekwood Chase The Rainbow)

See Above

Smooth Winners Dog/Best of Winners: 

Excaliber’s You Drew Me From The Start

(Scarborough Excaliber’s Made By Design x Ch. Aurealis Excaliber’s Sentimental Journey)

This was a well-angulated puppy coming from the 9-12 puppy class. He had very nice length of head, an attractive expression, and a strong, arched neck that is set well into a good shoulder. He was presented in very good physical condition with a plush coat and good bone.

Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety: 

GCHB Ch. Clearvu’s Mid Summer’s Night Dream

(GCHS. Travler’s Son Of A Witch x CH. Clearvu’s Summer Treasure Serenade)

This was an exquisite tri-color smooth bitch. Wonderful, light profile on a headpiece that is detailed, with no excessive depth, clean cutback, and a pencil-drawn lipline. She contended heavily for the Variety win. This is an exceptional, striking Collie.

Smooth Select Dog: 

Ch. Ceilidh’s HiCliff Jordache Smooth As Silk

(Ch. Kirkhaven’s Once Upon A Dream x GCHP. Ceilidh’s Deep River Haute Couture)

Smooth Select Bitch: Not awarded

Smooth Reserve Winners Dog: 

Rivervale Bubba-Delicious

(Ch. Ceilidh’s HiCliff Jordache Smooth As Silk x Rivervale Victoria)

Smooth Winners Bitch: 

Creekwood Greyfriar Oops A Daisy

(GCHG Ch. Creekwood Lochlomun I’ll Be Damned x Creekwood Greyfriar Rhapsody)

Coming from the 6-9 puppy class, this little spitfire oozed Collie breed type. Her expression was her hallmark virtue as she smiled at everything she looked at. Her eyes were soft and her head was light, set on an arched neck. Her ears were nicely shaped, well set, and accentuated her expression. She had attractive curves through the rear assembly.

Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch: 

Belleville’s Sweet Magnolia

(GCHG Ch. Creekwood Lochlomun I’ll Be Damned x CH. Barkdale Belleville’s Double Trouble)

The Reserve Bitch was an elegant bitch with an eye-catching presence and outline. She had nice length of head, neck, and back, which was also very level. She also had pleasing curves coming down through her back end.